Friday, December 23, 2011

Ohhhhh. man !

you know what !?i don't have any A's in PMR.
but,i'm also study hard >_< but,i can't get it ! UGHHH ! very tension you know !? my b.i don't tell. because my english i get 'D' ! ughh ! i can't believe it ! what the hack was that ! and my mum and my dad scolded me :'( i'm very sad. i know it's all my fault. because i don't study start early year.i'm study in the last minute. i don't have any time to study starts book form 1 until form 3. that's very a lotpick all up inside my brain.  i only have one brain. but,i'm waste my time with facebook. my mum always argue me :( and i fought with my mum. what my mum say it's all truth.but,i just don't believe. what the hell ! i hate with myself ! anyway,i have the last chance. It's SPM.start next yeari'll study hard and makes my parents proud of me :) that's my promise to my parents :') iluvyoumamapapa <3

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